Environment and Energy

​​Environmental Management System

The Şişecam Chemicals Group is a leading chemicals producer supplying many different industries around the globe. The main goal of our Group is to use the highest standards in our production and packaging operations.

The Chemicals Group carries out all its operations in accordance with the Environmental Management System in order to monitor the environmental impact of its production and to improve its performance with the support of its stakeholders. All activities regarding the monitoring and review of corporate environmental performance and the implementation of necessary projects are coordinated centrally, while each plant continues to work in a systematic manner to improve its own environmental performance.

All recyclable wastes from processes are fed back into the production process through recycling plants, while the remaining wastes are processed at licensed plants.

One of the keys to the success of the Chemicals Group in terms of sustainability is the fact that Şişecam has integrated its “Environment and Energy Policy,” which covers all its operations in Turkey and abroad, into all the operational stages within the Group and has implemented Environmental Management Systems at all its plants.

The environmental approach of the Şişecam Chemicals Group focuses on energy, emissions, and wastes. Our efforts target the following areas:

  • Manufacturing techniques with reduced environmental effects
  • Improvement of energy efficiency projects to increase climate change mitigation efforts
  • Expansion of waste recovery and recycling
  • Evaluation of fuel and raw material alternatives
  • Responsible energy and resource management
  • Use of natural gas whenever available and development of furnace designs to reduce emissions and other environmental risks.
  • Treatment of wastewater and considering recycling opportunities.

Energy Management System

Companies under the Şişecam Chemicals Group are active in energy-intensive industries. It is one of the priorities of the Group to conduct all production operations both economically and environmentally as efficiently as possible and in compliance with the best practices of the industry. In determining the opportunities for energy savings, the Environmental Management Standard ISO 50001 and the Law on Energy Efficiency No. 5627 are taken as reference points. ​