Corporate Social Responsibility

With the deep-rooted corporate culture and sense of responsibility of the Şişecam brand, the Şişecam Chemicals Group has been conducting its operations for over 40 years with the aim of contributing to economy, people, the environment, and a sustainable future and to create lasting value.

Soda Sanayii AŞ improves upon itself with the performance targets it sets itself every year concerning the use of natural resources, and carries to the future the work environment built on trust with its suppliers and stakeholders. The company also creates social responsibility projects for the economic and social welfare of the local people and sets aside resources to carry these out in a planned fashion.


All Şişecam plants have reserved approximately 1.2 to 2.4 acres of land for forestation, and Şi​şecam Memorial Forests are being established in all regions where Şişecam has operations. Camiş Madencilik, Inc., for example, has a Şişecam Memorial Forest that now covers 90 acres as a result of its forestation drive begun in 2000 in Yalıköy, where the pit and facilities are located.

Soda Sanayii, Inc. began its tree plantation work in the Mersin region in 2006, repeating it as an annual tradition by determining suitable areas and afforesting them. In 2014, families of current and retired personnel have planted nearly 3000 saplings as part of this project.

Preservation of the Kazanlı Sea Turtle Population Project

Endangered sea turtles have been using the coasts of Mersin as their nesting ground for centuries. Initiated by Soda Sanayii, Inc. in 2007, the “Kazanlı Project” aims at the preservation of the endangered caretta caretta and chelonian mydas turtles as well as their nesting grounds, while also raising the awareness of the local population and ensuring that the existence of these endangered turtles in the region contributes to ecotourism and sociocultural and socioeconomic life. The oscillation in total number of turtle nests occurres as foreseen, and the steady increase in the number of nests continues.