Research And Development Activities

Chemicals Development Group, the extension of 40 years of R&D experience of Şişecam in the production of glass was formed in 1994. Located near Soda and Kromsan Chromium Compounds plants in Mersin Development Center has the infrastructure and human resources with a potential of employing process design, new product development, leather chemicals, analysis techniques, energy efficiency and environment protection projects.

The center is planning and undertaking the following activities:

  • Researching, proposing and employing developments in current processes used in production of soda and chromium compounds, increasing product variety with high added values, conversion of risks into advantages with the use of pro-active projects.
  • Developing product and process development skills so that requirement for import of foreign “know-how” is eliminated.

Routine analyses, examinations upon customer demands, management of chemicals and monitoring of regulations are also undertaken by the Development Center in addition to projects indicated in the annual plans. Thanks to the studies performed in the center most modern technologies have been employed in the production of chromium compounds, volume of production has been increased by use of special processes to develop efficiency, global environmental protection measures have been surpassed in the production of soda and chromium compounds with the use of authentic environmental processes and authentic products have been developed for use in processing leather.

Many of projects undertaken in the center have benefited from TÜBİTAK Technology and Innovation Support Programs Directorship’s Industrial Research Development Support Program. Our technology center is acting in cooperation with various universities, public institutes, private corporations and Şişecam Science and Technology Center.